Mike Ward



Mike was born in Santa Cruz, California on May 11th 1970. After two years in the Bay Area, his family moved back to Fresno in 1972, and he has resided in Fresno ever since. He Graduated from Clovis West High School in 1988. In 1992 he met the love of his life Alicia, and was married in 1993. They started attending CrossCity in 1994. Mike started his career in 1993 at MK Medical as the Operations Director and Respiratory Manager. In 2000, he left MK and founded his own corporation named, California Home Medical, Inc. In 2003, he founded another corporation, American Industrial Security, Inc.

In 2004, Pastor Dave called Mike and asked if he would be interested in running the Operations and Athletics Departments at CrossCity. After much prayer and family discussion, he decided to take him up on his offer. Mike was running two businesses, and working full time at the church until 2005 when he sold California Home Medical. Then in 2010 Mike sold American Industrial Security, and now works fulltime as the Operation, Athletics, and Security Director for CrossCity. Mike is also a High School Football, Baseball, and Basketball Coach at Clovis North High School. Mike feels extremely blessed to work every day for God’s Kingdom!!


Favorite Sport?

NFL Football (Steelers)


Favorite Vacation Spot?

Pismo Beach


Favorite Local Restaurant?



Coffee or Tea?

Black Ice Tea (3 Sweet N Low)